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Lost in the Maze

Codebits is an anual programming and tecnology event hosted by Sapo reserved to 800 atendees. I was fortuned enough to be selected for the first time! During the three day event, the group I was part of (Me, Alex & Fábio) developded a servo driven maze controled by any Smartphone without having to install any 3rd party software.

How we did it:

The maze was made out of cardboard and underneath the midle of it we installed 2 servomotors oposed to eachother by 90 degrees.

These servos where then controled via Arduino witch receives position values from a Raspberry Pi hosting a webserver.

The site on the server could be accessed by scanning a QR code and then the phone acceleromenter values would be collected to drive the motors, and Start and Finish sensors on the maze were used to time the player solving time.

The end result can be seen on this video:

With this project we won the 5th place from an universe of 84 projects. Here we are receiving the trofy: