About Me

Hi! My name is Nuno Alexandre Bettencourt Martins and I’m from Pombal, Leiria, Portugal.
In 2012 I got my BSc degree in Electrotechnical Engineering and currently I´m taking a MSc degree in Automation, Comunications and Energy Systems.

The taste for programming came along with microcontrollers. Suddenly I could make more interesting and complex projects using those little black things, just by writing code for them to execute! That lead me to learn some more programming languages other than C and C++, such as Python, PHP, jQuery, a little of Javascript and Squirrel (language used on the Electric Imp).

Since young age my parents always encouraged me to repair my toys and electronic stuff and helping  doing DIY welding and piping works around the house. I also help my father on his industrial maintenance company on my free time, and if you are drinking any water or soda chances are the machines that made those were, at some point, maintained or installed by our family company.

This blog features projects, hacks, repairs and general stuff I find worth sharing.

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